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Coco Peat – SCS Brand

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The coco compost is made of natural and organic coco pith.The processed coco peat compost is a ready to use media for seed germination. Moisture content stabilized at 15-18% adopting natural shade drying under protective infrastructure.The rate of coco peat will be based on the different grades and quality.


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SCS SVG Kushi Grade Coco compost for Vegetables:

  • VRRP Technology used.
  • Steam sterilized and naturally decomposed.
  • Systemic and scientifically processed.
  • All process in Stainless steel 304 graded plant unit.

Benefits :

  • 20% higher yielding
  • 95-100 % germination guarantee
  • 50% extra growth in side root
  • Stem radius and Height of the plant is more.

Applications of SCS Cocopeat in different grades:

  • Gardening and Pot mixing.
  • Terrace Gardening.
  • Main field crop.
  • Soilless cultivation.

Quality Specifications of SCS processed Coco compost:

Parameter Range
1. pH 6.5-7.5
2. EC (dS/m) <1
3. Moisture(%) 15-18
4. Organic Carbon (%) 20-22
5. Nitrogen (%) 0.5-1.5
6. Phosphorus (%) <0.5
7. Potassium (%) 0.5-1.25
8. C:N Ratio 20/25 : 1


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