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STG cocopeat

SCS STG Coco compost for Tissue Culture:

STG Special Tissue culture grade is introduced.

Keeping demand of high quality cocopeat for tissue cultured seedling production, multi-stage processed cocopeat was developed by adopting scientific techniques through Research & Development.



SG cocopeat- Sugarcane

SCS SG RISHI Grade coco compost for Sugarcane:

A special grade coco compost only for sugarcane saplings available with us.

Being quality cocopeat provider for various vegetable producion, we also started production and providing quality cocopeat for sugarcane seedlings as per several requests from the clients.

Hereby introducing SG (Sugarcane Grade) Rishi for healthy growth of Sugarcane seedlings.

Root and Shoot development in different time of period:

Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Root System

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